About Revitupuk

Now celebrating 20 years in the Industry, Revitup UK was set up by Mark with one goal in mind, providing the UK and further afield with quality, rare performance vehicles with a huge focus on customer service.

Originally starting out as a VXR specialist, selling everything from Corsa’s to Monaros, Revitup has naturally progressed into all things performance. Ranging from run of the mill hot hatches, all the way to specialist modified imports. If you are a car enthusiast, a trip to our showroom will leave you speechless and struggling to choose which car to take home.

We understand that most people work 9-5, so trying to buy a car during these hours can prove difficult, which is why we are always available to chat to any hour of the day, often selling cars in evenings and late at the weekend to help accommodate our customers and make the whole car being process that little bit easier.

Over the years our reputation has helped us grow as the UK’s leading performance and modified car specialist, with nearly 100,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 30,000 on Instagram. With this huge audience across the UK, most of our vehicles are sold as soon as they are listed, meaning we always have fresh and exciting stock!

Whether you are looking to sell your pride and joy, treat yourself to a new toy, or just after some advice, Mark and Callum are always on hand to help out and accommodate your needs.